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Almonds and Corals Lodge, Costa Rica

Almonds and Corals Lodge, Costa RicaLocated in the heart of the Gandoca Manzanillo Wildlife Refuge is a delightful relaxing place with the magic touch of Nature; a unique idea for accommodation. This is a rare opportunity to get a feeling for the jungle, living in the wild while maintaining a level of luxury. Each tent lies under giant trees in a forest so dense that the Sun rays hardly touch the ground.

Each tent is placed over a platform lifted up on stilts and orchids hang from the branches and like in a fairy tale, as you walk through the enchanted forest, by passages on stilts, suddenly you are in front of the magnificent Caribbean with your feet on golden sand, coconuts and the bay of Manzanillo where you can almost hear the rythm of Calypso.

Almonds and Corals Lodge, Costa Rica

Bedroom in a tent. ALMONDS AND CORALS IS A LODGE TENT CAMP. Place a tent up on stilts on a wooden platform. Protect the platform with a roof and drape it with mosquito netting. Put electricity night lamps, a fan, 2 beds, a hammock, a small table with two chairs, jungle view and a bathroom by the tent. Add a gold sand beach, a restaurant inscrutated in the jungle with excellent meals and a marvelous staff and ..camping might not be so rustic after alt.

Almonds and Corals Lodge, Costa RicaGandoca Manzanillo is without a doubt, one of the coastal regions with the most magnificent scenic beauty in the country. Beaches of dazzling white sand fringed with coconut palms trees and a sea of gently curling waves and of coral formations in shallow waters make this wildness area a paradise for lovers of Nature and for explorers of Neptune’s Kingdom.

Uva, Manzanillo and Monkey Point cover an area of 5 square Kms, of coral reefs, designed by Nature especially for snorkeling tour delight.


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